Linux is an Operating System, which is not that frequently used for desktop machines, but is amongst the most widely used OSs for web servers. It's absolutely free, so you will not need to pay any license fees as part of your web hosting payments. Linux is additionally regarded as the most risk-free OS nowadays and thanks to the permissions that files have along with the file types that can be run, virus files that can infect an average PC will simply not be executed on a Linux-based web server. In addition, the Operating System is 100 % free, so it could be modified with no constraints, as a way to suit the needs of the hosting provider and their customers. This suggests that needless software packages may be removed to make the Operating system lighter and quicker, which can directly contribute to significantly better server performance. Many Linux machines have the Apache web server installed on them, due to the fact that this application is also totally free, fast and stable. It is the most widely used web server around and is an element of the LAMP bundle that a lot of script applications, including Joomla and WordPress, need. LAMP is an abbreviation for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.
Stable Linux with Apache in Hosting
All hosting accounts bought through our company are set up on extremely powerful machines running Linux, allowing you to take advantage of our fast and secure website hosting services irrespective of the plan that you’ve chosen during the signup process. What is more, we use an innovative cloud platform, so rather than running everything on one hosting server as most providers do, we've distributed every service (files, e-mails, databases, etc.) between clusters of machines. The results of using this sort of a setup with Linux-powered machines is virtually no downtime, allowing you to get the absolute maximum from your websites. In addition, we use the Apache web server, because this software provides us with the swiftness and adaptability necessary to give you a premium hosting service on our customized cloud platform. Each of our shared hosting packages will enable you to run almost any kind of website created with almost any web programming language – HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl, etcetera.
Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The semi-dedicated hosting accounts that we provide are set up on a revolutionary platform in which the files, the databases, the stats, the CP, and so forth., are addressed by separate groups of servers. The use of this custom design is possible for the reason that we have set up a highly personalized Linux distribution on the servers and we can take full advantage of all the pros the OS offers, for example the possibility to use in-house built software solutions like our Hepsia CP. The final result is an extremely powerful and dependable hosting service that shall guarantee high-end performance for your sites. For even greater efficiency, we have chosen to use Apache, for the reason that it supports a considerable amount of modules and it could be customized according to our needs as well. You shall be able to use virtually any popular scripting language with our custom software and hardware setup, and enjoy a speedy, uninterrupted web hosting service.